Pontoon ferry

Pontoon ferry
Brand Name: Openex
Materials: Steel
Main engines: 6PC2-5L 2868KW×2 (=7800hp)
L.O.A: 59.8m
L.B.P: 52.2m
Product Details
※ Desired sizes can be obtained by combining modularized steel pontoons.
※ Easy to lift the pontoon elements by crane, and load them onto truck,train
or into containers for transportation through roadway,rail,or ocean freight
※ Can be sent to the narrow waters where do not allow the ship to go through;
※ Can be drived either by two motos attached to the broadsides
respectively, or by tugboatst.
※ Good for rescue use, can be made to Floating Dock,Matrine Engineering
Platform,and even Parking Apron for helicopter.
Specification of 200tons Pontoon Ferry
Note:We can also custom made Pontoon Ferry to your special needs
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